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Live in Concert (10th Anniversary 1993-2003)

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  1. Intro (Strangers In The Night) (Live)
  2. I Can´t Help Remembering You (LIVE)
  3. Why Can´t You And I Add Up To Love (LIVE)
  4. Chanson d´Amour (LIVE)
  5. Two O´Clock Jump (LIVE)
  6. Tuxedo Junction (LIVE)
  7. I Cover The Waterfront (LIVE)
  8. San Francisco (LIVE)
  9. Take The ´A´ Train (LIVE)
  10. Pussy Footin´ (LIVE)
  11. Mr. Anthony´s Boogie (LIVE)
  12. The Way We Were (LIVE)
  13. It Makes No Difference (LIVE)
  14. Bye Bye Blues (LIVE)
  15. Apple Honey (LIVE)
  16. L-O-V-E (LIVE)
  17. Strangers In The Night (LIVE)
  18. Danke Schön (Candlelight Cafe) (LIVE)
  19. Medley (Afrikaan, Swingin´, Red Roses, Three o´Clock, Strangers) (LIVE)
About this album: 

Trumpets: Mark Cumberland, Martin Shaw, Pat White, Henry Lowther
Trombones: Cliff Hardie, Gordon Campbell, Steve Wilkes, Bill Geldard
Saxes/flutes: Al Newman, Bob Sydor, Roy Willox, John Wheelan
Voices: Joan Baxter, Lee Gibson, Ken Barrie, John Evans
​Strings: Godfrey Salmon, Stephanie Nimiera, Laila Titley, Natalia Bonner, Brent Snell, Scott Taggart
Keyboards: John Coleman
Drums: Jeff Lardner
Bass: Dave Richmond
Guitar: Judd Procter


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Liner Notes: 

Hello folks,

Welcome to the latest sounds of the Bert Kaempfert Orchestra. This CD celebrates the tenth anniversary of the orchestra’s re-formation and is a “live” performance recorded at the Buxton Opera House.

Bert Kaempfert has become a “world name” in the music business – from small beginnings in Hamburg to directing his own large, extremely successful orchestra, selling millions of albums – plus having his compositions recorded by every big name – Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Ella Fitzgerald, Shirley Bassey, Nat King Cole, Johnny Mathis – all have put his songs on record. I would like to personally thank you for your support in the last ten years – the orchestra has gone from strength to strength, performing in many different cities throughout the UK and Europe. In close cooperation with Marion Kaempfert we toured the continent twice – having concerts in Holland, Germany and Switzerland plus playing a regular spot on the “Music for Millions” TV show in Germany.

October 16th 2003 would have been the 80th birthday of Bert Kaempfert – there is to be a big celebration in Hamburg at which several honours are to be bestowed on him by the music industry and indeed the city of Hamburg.

It has given me great personal pleasure to bring his wonderful music to you and I look forward – with your continued support – to bringing these glorious sounds to you for the next ten years!

Keep listening and best wishes,

Tony Fisher

In the 1990s there was a resurgence of interest in all music of the “easy listening” genre. The new interest in my father’s music over the last ten years has been phenomenal, with the formation of the new Bert Kaempfert Orchestra, TV shows and the release of many original albums on CD. It was with great pleasure that I became patron of the Orchestra in 1993 and of the Bert Kaempfert Appreciation Society in 2000. I must thank Tony Fisher for his ongoing effort to keep Bert Kaempfert’s music alive and I thank you for your interest and support. We will be happy to send you information on up and coming concert and products available by mail order.

If you would like to join our mailing list please write to the Orchestra or visit our website. We are always happy to welcome everyone to this community and look forward to keeping in touch.

Marion Kaempfert

The Bert Kaempfert Appreciation Society was set up in 2000 to unite the many fans of this music across the world. Having been a fan of Bert Kaempfert’s music since hearing the “Swingin’ Safari” album at a very early age, I was delighted to have the opportunity to set up and run the Society with help from Marion.

Through our magazines and newsletters, we have made a forum for people to keep in touch with the latest news and look back at the history of the Kaempfert sound. It’s been a lot of fun to interview those who worked with Bert Kaempfert and to go through the archives to produce these magazines, so please feel free to join us by writing to us or visit the Orchestra’s website to find out more.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Andrew Fairmaner, Secretary