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With A Sound In My Heart & Afrikaan Beat

  1. I´ll See You In My Dreams
  2. Yellow Bird
  3. Midsummernight In Gotland
  4. Echo in der Nacht (Echo In The Night)
  5. Forgotten Melody
  6. Symphony
  7. O mein Papa (From ´Feuerwerk´)
  8. I´m Getting Sentimental Over You
  9. Back Street
  10. Secret Love
  11. Just A Dream
  12. Answer Me My Love (Glaube mir)
  13. Afrikaan Beat
  14. Dancing In The Dark
  15. Moonglow
  16. Where Flamingos Fly
  17. Stardust (Version 1)
  18. Pony Violins
  19. Solitude
  20. Trumpet In The Night
  21. Where Or When
  22. Bert´s Tune
  23. Just As Much As Ever (Version 1)
About this album: 

With A Sound In My Heart was recorded on October 25, 1961 and released on Decca Lp DL-4288/DL-74228. Afrikaan Beat was released on Decca Lp DL-4273/DL-4 and recorded on May 16, 1961, except for the title track which was recorded December 6, 1961 and released on Decca single 31350. Reissued on compact disc June 15, 1999.

Compact Disc availability: 

Taragon TARCD-1066 (deleted)

Liner Notes: 

From With A Sound In My Heart:

Listening is making a comeback. More and more people — riddled silly by television's six-shooters and Tommy guns, emotionally wrung out by the movies' psuedo-psychological plots — are rediscovering the relaxing, enormously rewarding pleasures of an almost-lost art, listening.

Here, played by the incomparable Bert Kaempfert and his orchestra, is an album designed for an predicated on the enjoyment of easy, let's-get-away-from-it-all listening.

Here are songs sweet and sentinmental, performed with the warm, full orchestral sound that has become Mr. Kaempfert's internationally recognized and renouned trademark.

Here is music for just listening... we think you'll find it's a delightfully "new" experience"