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A Man Could Get Killed & Strangers In The Night

  1. Main Title (From ´A Man Could Get Killed´)
  2. Explosive Welcome; Bi-Naveled; Key Note
  3. Beddy Bye (Strangers In The Night)
  4. Beddoes Shadows
  5. Clues Dropper; A Tape Sandwich; Rude Awakening
  6. Noted Arrival
  7. Taking Detour
  8. Sale Fish (But Not Today)
  9. Down To The Docks, A Deadly Game
  10. Foiled In Oil
  11. Handy Brandy; Hail the Azalea
  12. No A Go Go (End Title)
  13. Strangers In The Night
  14. I Can´t Give You Anything But Love
  15. But Not Today (Theme From ´A Man Could Get Killed´)
  16. Time On My Hands (You In My Arms)
  17. Milicia (Sweet Maria)
  18. Mexican Shuffle
  19. Show Me The Way To Go Home
  20. Two Can Live One Love Alone
  21. Every Sunday Morning
  22. Boo Hoo
  23. Tijuana Taxi
  24. Forgive Me
About this album: 

The soundtrack A Man Could Get Killed (tracks 1-12) recorded March 8, 1966 and released on Decca Lp DL-4750/DL-74750 on April 18, 1966. Strangers In The Night (tracks 13-24) recorded 1965/1966 and released on Decca Lp DL-4795/DL-74795 on June 6, 1966. Reissued on compact disc March 9, 1999.

Compact Disc availability: 

Taragon TARCD-1050 (deleted)