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Vol. 1: Bye Bye Blues & To The Good Life

CD 1
  1. Bye Bye Blues
  2. Remember When (We Made These Memories)
  3. When You´re Smiling (The Whole World Smiles With You)
  4. Tahitian Sunset
  5. Once In A while
  6. Steady Does it
  7. It Makes No Difference
  8. You Stepped Out Of A Dream
  9. Wiederseh´n
  10. I´m Beginning To See The Light
  11. Melina
  12. Out Of Nowhere (You Came Along From)
CD 2
  1. Take The ´A´ Train
  2. The Sunny Side Of Life
  3. My Melancholy Baby
  4. Time To Dream
  5. What Is This Thing Called Love
  6. Lover´s Wonderland
  7. Wheeling Free (There´s A Hill Beyond The Hill Ahead)
  8. The Good Life (Marina)
  9. Bert´s Bossa Nova No 2
  10. Skyliner
  11. Manhattan Merengue
  12. Honeysuckle Rose
About this album: 

The first release in the "Bert Kaempfert Collection" series was a 2-CD set titled Bert Kaempfert Collection. Unlike the other CDs in the series, the album titles do not appear on the front cover. The CD booklet is entirely in German and includes many rare photographs. This set had already been deleted by the time the last few "collection" discs had been released.

Compact Disc availability: 

Polydor 843 710-2 (deleted)